About Us.

Over ten years ago we were faced with a dilemma. What does a dad do with his kids when mom has to work? 

The answer we had was to start with coffee and donuts and then make the rest up after the caffeine and sugar take effect. Dad started taking a photo every week to remember the event for the kids to have in the future for them to remember our time together.

Sometimes we adults forget that kids spell LOVE: T-I-M-E. This weekly rhythm focused our family to show up for each other and laid and incredible foundation of love for each other. When asked in a moment of uncertainty what we would want to give the rest of our lives to, this was the answer: 

“Inspire fathers to be present in the lives of their families.”

Because we all have a father, we know how important having a dad is our lives, so we exist to make life just a little sweeter!

Loved by Many

“SO GOOD” ~ Josh
“Best Donuts EVER!” ~ Morgan
“My life is a complete circle!” ~ Joel
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